Our Menu for a Healthy Easter for Toddlers

Have a healthy Easter for toddlers with The Infant & Toddler Forum’s suggested menu!

Easter is a fun time of year, when families can come together and celebrate! Easter Egg Hunts are also a great way to get toddlers moving, but they can also make it all too easy for little ones to eat a lot of sugary food during the celebrations! To help, why not use our Easter menu, full of seasonal foods and their portion sizes? Give your toddler a healthy balance, while still enjoying the treats which Easter has to offer!

Healthy Easter Menu for Toddlers

Easter breakfast

Your toddler may be happiest with their usual breakfast or if they want to try something special you could offer:

¼ - ½ Hot Cross Bun – serve with cup of hot or cold milk for breakfast

Easter lunch

Most toddlers will enjoy the meat but some may prefer them dry rather than smothered in gravy. Ask their preference before adding any extras like gravy, stuffing or any sauces.

Roast potatoes or wedges are likely to be popular

Keep vegetables to small servings and only put those that your toddler is happy to eat on their plate.

½ - 1 small slice roast lamb

½ - 1 egg sized roast potato

½ - 2 Tbs green vegetables

2-6 carrot sticks

1-2 Tbs gravy

Easter pudding

2 mini eggs with some fruit for a dessert

Or about ½ creme egg with fruit for a dessert

½ -1 small slice of Simnel cake for snack or dessert


To maintain a healthy balance stick to water or milk throughout the day as there is plenty of sugary food around without offering sweet drinks such as squashes, fizzy drinks or fruit juices as well. If you do want something extra special, try melting some of their chocolate hoard into hot milk.

Want to include something else on your menu? Have a healthy Easter for toddlers with more of our portion sizes in our Portion Sizes Table.

Share with your friends and family, for a Toddler-Sized Easter for everyone!

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